The Crackpipe Christian Chronicles

If anyone happens to be reading this, this a list of exchanges I responded to with a christian who not only chose to stalk me the best he could and try to be as irritating and annoying as possible, aswell as attempt to harass me on Twitter, but who also assisted me in doing several bits of research that show how truly pathetic and fabricated christianity and all religions are.

He started out as “The Beercan christian” as he called himself and so that is what I called him, but before long it was obvious that he wasn’t drinking beers while writing the stupidity he was saying, but smoking crack instead.

We had a history of him exchanging with me before on my blog, but I had chosen to ignore him since his stupidity and time wasting were truly painful to have to endure. Now however I have chosen to ignore the Crackpipe christian because I have wasted enough time on him and I have reached the end of my rope with his nonsense and unsurpassed stupidity, but I hope everyone enjoys the approximately 20 new blog ideas I had gotten from the exchanges on my main blog that are either on there way, or up there now.

I mean he seriously is one unfunny obnoxious idiot who obviously thinks he’s brilliant, even though all he does is lie, mislead, deflect and try to be as condescending as possible.

I also hope everyone enjoys the fact that all Crackpipe christian did was help prove exactly how there is no evidence of Jesus existing, aswell as him helping show me how everything about christianity is based on lies and brainwashing.

Do especially enjoy my “Evidence of Jesus is meaningless 2” article that Crackpipe helped me put together:

I present to you The Crackpipe christian (formerly The Beercan christian):

April 30-2014- The Beginning

May 1-2014

May 5-2014

May 6-2014

May 7-2014

May 10-2014

May 14-2014

May 15-2014

May 15-Part 2

May 16-2014

May 17-2014

May 18-2014

May 20-2014

May 20-Part 2

May 20-Part 3

May 20-Part 4

May 20-Part 5

May 20-Part 6

May 23-2014

May 23-Part 2

May 27-2014

June 1-2014

May 7-Part 2

The Many Lies Of The Crackpipe christian: