The beginning-April 30-2014

Beginning-Apr 30 2014

The BeerCan Chronicles
Well it seems I have a return of the annoying pest who calls himself the “Beer Can Christian”. Probably the creepiest person I’ve ever come across on Twitter which says a lot.

It says a lot because of the fact that I more than welcome a religious believer to write a blog article with me in mind, or even better to attack something I’ve written, afterall I am a narcissist. BeerCan however is the exception.

It’s not just the fact that he tells me he loves me over and over (I swear I’m not making this up).

The fact that he has the most painful use of the word “rhetoric” over and over that I’ve ever seen, to the point that I don’t even think he knows what it means, is not the only reason.

The fact that he is a brainwashed, delusional slave of a lie that thinks an imaginary being actually needs BeerCan to come to it’s defense and INSISTS upon it, is not the only reason.

It’s the fact that everything he writes he just comes across as a total douchbag and actually thinks he’s making a point when he isn’t.

Also the fact that all he does is make christianity sound dumber and dumber everytime he writes, or tweets something to someone in christianity’s defense.

It’s the fact that he THINKS the reason so many Atheists don’t want to have anything to do with him is because he’s so brilliant, or because he is making sense and they can’t deal with his overwhelming apologetics skills, but doesn’t understand that it’s because he comes across as such an obnoxious douche. He is so mind numbingly irritating that they just have to get away from him, because dealing with him is as painful as stepping in dog feces barefoot and being unable to wash it off.

So after a few months he has opened up a new account and begged for attention from me and I said “yes”. So at first I was tempted to just block him, but then I became curious to see what he would say even though I knew it would be it’s usual irritation and stupidity.

Now I’m glad I did because I’m going to log his stupidity, gloat at my own articles I’ve written and show the world that religion is only something to be believed by both the delusional, the brainwashed, the stupid and the insane.

Thanks BeerCan.

April 30/ 2014-Wednesday

I posted this article on Twitter.

Which was a series of questions for religious people to answer to prove to me that they aren’t brainwashed, or stupid to believe their religion. I specifically say at the bottom of the article to send me a personal blog link if someone has one and answer the questions.

I have my response section disabled, or I would never get anything done, but only for that reason.

BeerCan then sends me a tweet.

@CMeyer_77: @BuybullJournal is there a way we could answer them? Or no?

So he obviously didn’t read the part where I said “Please answer all the above questions on a blog and send me the link”.

Which is funny because he knows he has a blog and could have simply answered the questions and sent me the link, minus the shpeel and moaning and groaning.

I did suggest he send me the link, but then after reading some of his handywork he sends me to a response that he wrote a few months ago that I never read, I’m reminded why I didn’t want to. I then tell him not to bother and tell him why.