Sunday, May 18/2014

So Crackpipe really hasn’t slowed down and now I have 16 articles to respond to. Too bad Crackpipe has no life and responding to me is all he does besides collect unemployment, or welfare while living in his parent’s basement.

I have one week of school left with 3 weeks off, so maybe I’ll find the time to respond more, but again, unlike Crackpipe I do have a life.

We’re still on the the non-evidence of Jesus it seems. Wonderful.

Let’s read the brainwashing, lies, deflection and stupidity again of christianity’s greatest wannabe apologist ever, a guy who thinks invisible omnipotent rabbis talk to him telepathically and thinks there are evil demons tempting him to rape young boys and eat their livers, but the only thing that stops Crackpipe from acting out is his fear of being tortured.

The man, the deranged, the complete waster of life…. ladies and gentlemen I present to you…. The Crackpipe christian.

Crackpipe writes….

“BB(s)J vs. Jesus Part 8: Celsus or BB(s)J uses the Bible to argue his case!
Ever closer to the end of of the list of “meaningless” evidence for Jesus according to BB(s)J.

This post we look at Celsus.

And we will see that BB(s)J uses a source he won’t let Christians use!

So what does scholarly BB(s)J tell us about Celsus?

8) CELSUS 177 AD Explained simply what he had believed that Jesus was a bastard child and that he learned magic from the Egyptians and tried to pass himself off as a god.
Mind-blowing that people would use this as evidence, it really is.”

Yep that is what I said. Seems pretty tight and pretty solid what I said. Now watch as Crackpipe attempts to use his wannabe jedi powers to convince us otherwise.
Crackpipe continues.

“There are two quotes actually:

1) “Jesus had come from a village in Judea, and was the son of a poor Jewess who gained her living by the work of her own hands. His mother had been turned out of doors by her husband, who was a carpenter by trade, on being convicted of adultery [with a soldier named Panthéra (i.32)]. Being thus driven away by her husband, and wandering about in disgrace, she gave birth to Jesus, a bastard. Jesus, on account of his poverty, was hired out to go to Egypt. While there he acquired certain (magical) powers which Egyptians pride themselves on possessing. He returned home highly elated at possessing these powers, and on the strength of them gave himself out to be a god.”

2) “O light and truth! he distinctly declares, with his own voice, as ye yourselves have recorded, that there will come to you even others, employing miracles of a similar kind, who are wicked men, and sorcerers; and Satan. So that Jesus himself does not deny that these works at least are not at all divine, but are the acts of wicked men; and being compelled by the force of truth, he at the same time not only laid open the doings of others, but convicted himself of the same acts. Is it not, then, a miserable inference, to conclude from the same works that the one is God and the other sorcerers? Why ought the others, because of these acts, to be accounted wicked rather than this man, seeing they have him as their witness against himself? For he has himself acknowledged that these are not the works of a divine nature, but the inventions of certain deceivers, and of thoroughly wicked men”

Well at least we FINALLY have a specific reference to Jesus!

Yeah oooooh a 140 years later thing LOL

Crackpipe is so funny. He absolutely is right, there is FINALLY a reference to Jesus 150 years later that talks about the guy that a bunch of crazy religious people believed in.

Which again is no different than proving Moroni gave Joseph Smith the golden plates around 1830 and someone merely talking about it in 1980. Which just proves the equivalent of the incredible Hulk existing really.
Crackpipe continues….

“This should appease BB(s)J and he will accept it as evidence for Jesus since he is now named specifically! ( as we know BB(s)J is looking for this type evidence!
The name “Jesus” appearing in the writing!)

So we are ready to see BB(s)J to admit this is evidence!!!”

LOL SMFH Of course not. Why would I?

– Again this is no different than muslims talking about Mohammed being told what to write in the koran over a 20 year period.

– I don’t see Crackpipe jumping through hoops giving that fairytale any credibility.

– Just proves again that Crackpipe only believes christianity because he was brainwashed to that religion.

– Speaking of which, Crackpipe just did a reply to one of my articles on brainwashing.

> His points he made were beyond ridiculous, but I will have to get to that article after I get through the other 15 article responses and send them all at once.

> He kept saying he wasn’t brainwashed, but of course never tells us if he was child indoctrinated, or what got him into christianity in the first place.
Crackpipe continues….

“a) He’s only talking about the religion of christianity and how he didn’t believe it and that he was offering what to him was a plausible and actual truth of what he thought REALLY happened, not what the religion claimed.

No, read the quotes again – the first quote has NOTHING to do with Christianity and ONLY about Jesus. Not about Christians, but about JESUS.”

SMFH Is Crackpipe seriously this stupid?

– Celsus is talking about the stupid christian religion, so who the F#€% do you think he would talk about? Hercules? Horus?

> He’s gonna talk about it’s fictional leader that they delusionally believe in.

> He’s not providing any evidence of Jesus being a real person, well he’s trying, but since he isn’t providing any evidence of his silly story either then who cares?

> He never knew Jesus.

> He wasn’t born til at least 80 years later after Jesus supposedly died.

> Is said to have been written 140 years later in a time of thousands of ridiculous religions around the world that have no evidence either.

> The story Celsus is saying has no evidence also, but makes more sense than the story in the NT, though not by much.

– Whoopty-doo that he mentions Jesus 140 years later when christianity is extremely well know because people had nothing better to do then, but gossip and make up things because they were superstitious idiots.

– Crackpipe is just wasting everyones time now and especially mine.
Crackpipe continues….

“You have been bitching that none of the others said the name JESUS before and this one does! It does exactly what you have been looking for!”

Again, this is 140 years later and talking about christianity, even more than 130 years as I wrote before.

– Why is this so complicated for Crackpipe to see? Seriously, nobody can be this dumb! Can they?

Crackpipe continues….

“b) This was over 130 years after Jesus’s supposed death was claimed to have happened.

But as we know this isn’t really an issue as you make it out to be, and he says “Jesus!” you have been complaining the others didn’t, so here’s one that does!”

Oh FFS! So what?! The others were also either forgeries, or simply talking about christianity with still no eyewitness of anything.

> They weren’t there.

> They never knew Jesus and weren’t even born at the time.

> Everything they said if it wasn’t a forgery anyway was still based entirely on hearsay and nothing else.

> They were quoted hundreds to over 1400 years later by people who were biased christians quoting biased christians.

> There still is no evidence of Jesus existing even if someone were to mention his name.

– Celsus was still talking about Jesus based on a religion everyone was aware of and talking about it in a nonsensical way that still made more sense than the biblical NT version.

– And as for Crackpipe’s laughable statement that 130-140 years later is not as big a deal as I make it out to be.

> Who does Crackpipe think he’s kidding?

> 140 years later based on hearsay.

> 140 years later from someone who never knew Jesus.

> 140 years later from someone who wasn’t even born in 33AD.

> 140 years later with no evidence about the story he is telling about Jesus that everyone is aware of.

> Telling a story that nobody else is aware of.

> No audio.

> No video.

> Never talked to anyone who was there.

– So how is this story Celsus is saying supposed to be credible, or reliable, or evidence of anything again?

– How is Crackpipe trying to say this is evidence of Jesus not a complete act of either desperation, or stupidity, or both?

– On what level is this evidence of Jesus again?

– Crackpipe really must smoke crack.

> He should stop smoking it while responding to me.

– “We know this isn’t as big of an issue as I make it out to be”? WTF kind of crack is he smoking?

> In what way is this not an absolute and total issue?

> Whoever Crackpipe is, I really would be lying if I said he didn’t completely disgust me.

> I can’t be nice about this because it really does infuriate me knowing that people like Crackpipe exist.
Crackpipe continues….

“c) This is not an eyewitness account of anything.

Well no shit! But the others weren’t either, but you complained they didn’t say Jesus, and this one does!”

AGAIN I was pointing out that they weren’t saying anything that was evidence of Jesus, but evidence of crazy christians.

– There was no evidence provided for Jesus from anyone who was there, or gave anything reliable, or credible.

– Evidence of forgeries in addition.

– Still no evidence of Jesus.

– This ONE exception that mentions Jesus is still just talking only about what christians believe 140 years later

– This ONE exception of Jesus is still only talking about a guy telling a story that says something completely different and contradicts the NT story and is even wilder. AND ONE HUNDRED FORTY YEARS LATER!!!
Crackpipe continues….

“And just because something isn’t an eye witness account doesn’t immediately discredit it.

Why don’t you accept it?”

LOL Why don’t I accept it?

– You mean Crackpipe seriously can’t possibly rationalize WHY I don’t accept this?

– You have to wonder if he even put in the effort, or if he is either too stupid, or maybe he is so brainwashed that his mind subconciously bipasses everything.

– It’s like Crackpipe’s brainwashing is simply rejecting every single reason why this is non-credible and NOT EVIDENCE!

– Okay I will list AGAIN the reasons WHY I CAN’T ACCEPT IT! Only because Crackpipe is one of the stupidest human beings on the planet and can’t seem to get it through his head! Notice I said “I CAN’T” not “I WON’T”.

– 140 years later and being aware of a religion that you think is ridiculous and being aware of the STORY of it’s fictional leader that is common knowledge, because christians blabbed it to everyone, does not allow any rational person to accept this.

– 140 years later and the fact that Celsus wasn’t born til at least 80 years later and received all his information from secondary sources, does not allow any rational person to accept this.

– 140 years later and the fact that Crackpipe pays no attention to any stories of Hercules and Buddha being real, or divine, because no rational person takes ANY of the mythical god stories seriously, or gives them any rational reason to accept this.

– 140 years later and the fact that nothing about the Jesus story makes any sense and has no evidence and contradicts itself and is no different than any other nonsensical religion since the dawn of time, is why no rational person could accept this.

– 140 years later and the fact that all eyewitnesses if there ever were any would have been dead by the time Celsus was born and any and all evidence would have been non-reliable and non-credible, makes it so that no rational person can accept this.

– I really don’t know how many more times I can show Crackpipe how only an irrational brainwashed imbecile could and would accept this as “evidence”.

– If this was the exact same story but the name was Buddha, or Hercules, or one of the many many gods throughout the past 10,000 years I really doubt that Crackpipe would even give this story the time of day.

– I still await Crackpipe to tell us how the Jesus story makes sense in any way.

> Crackpipe saying “just because it doesn’t make sense to BBSJ doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense” is NOT an answer.

> Crackpipe could explain how the entire Jesus story makes sense, but he doesn’t, therefore it doesn’t make any sense to Crackpipe either.

> Crackpipe will simply just deflect though and waste everyones time because that is all he can do.

> Crackpipe can’t give any real answers, because if he could explain how any part of the entire Jesus story made any sense he would have done so already.
Crackpipe continues….

“d) 130 years later only AGAIN proves that there were crazy brainwashed people named “christians” but nothing else.

Where in either quote is the word “Christian?”

So, here again we have evidence that you either didn’t bother reading the quote, or didn’t comprehend what you read.

Jesus is mentioned, but not “Christian” or “Christians.”

WTF?! I don’t know how much more of this painful stupidity I can take.

– He’s talking about what christians believe, or does Crackpipe seriously believe any rational reason Celsus would know these stories?

– How does Crackpipe give these stories credibility with Celsus talking about a religion’s fictional leader in a story that is nothing like Crackpipe’s fictional belief?

– Is Crackpipe ever just going to finally admit that he is brainwashed to a lie and is programmed to disregard everything against his belief and believe everything no matter how ridiculous it is unless some apologist he looks up to says they don’t?
Crackpipe continues….

“e) This says Jesus was a bastard child, not verifying anything about being born a virgin.”


Is BB(s)J using the Bible here?

Yep he is.
He is using a source he doesn’t find credible to discredit another source…too funny.

BB(s)J doesn’t believe the Bible is true or accurate on ANY level, yet that doesn’t stop him from using it here to defend his position…”

Oh give us a motherf-ing break!

– Obviously I meant that it is a ridiculous story that the guy was saying, but that it wasn’t promoting a view that the CHRISTIANS believed.

– If Crackpipe doesn’t believe the virgin birth story then I don’t know what he does believe.

> If he doesn’t belief the virgin birth, then what other stories does Crackpipe not believe?

> Why does Crackpipe believe any of it then?
Crackpipe continues….

“But maybe he has good reason to use and accept the Biblical accounts of Jesus here:

– The virgin birth story was just something inserted into The Book Of Matthew and made up when copied from The Book Of Mark, which it has been confirmed to have been copied by.
As already shown…

So, BB(s)J uses the Bible (which he believes can’t be used as evidence FOR Jesus) to discredit Celsus’ writing (as evidence FOR Jesus) because it doesn’t agree with the Bible!!!

Did he know he did this?

Does he care?

Of course not or he wouldn’t have done it!.

Can I offer the same? No way…he would bitch me out for it!”

LOL So this was what Crackpipe
was talking about with the pointing out something in the bible thing.

– Of course this wasn’t what I was saying, or doing, but Crackpipe either knows this, or is too stupid to tell this is ridiculous.

– I explained about the stupid nonsensical bible story and I clearly show I do not believe in it whatsoever.

– I merely explained how it was not evidence of the stupid story that Celsus was saying and that it wasn’t the stupid story that christians say anyways.

– It’s like someone insisting that Seth McFarlane makes South Park because he heard someone say that Sarah Palin said he did, but meanwhile Sarah Palin thinks that Seth McFarlane makes the Simpsons.

> Meanwhile I was pointing out that Seth Mcfarlane actually makes Family Guy.
Crackpipe continues….

“Yeah, I’m the brainwashed one….”

Yes Crackpipe you sure are brainwashed. Now if only you weren’t joking and really realized that.
Crackpipe continues….

“Ironically: I didn’t think this was that great of evidence either. However, you just let your bias shine though and to what extant you are willing to go to try and hold your belief.

Too funny!”

Well let’s just see here:

– Crackpipe says I’m biased because I said one ridiculous nonsensical story that has no evidence that nobody believed, simply contradicted another even more ridiculous story that has no evidence that a whole bunch of people believed.

– Crackpipe is saying I’m biased because I don’t believe in either “a magician Jesus”, or a “Jesus that had us kill him to save us from him, because of what he was going to do to us”.

– And even more ironically is the fact that Crackpipe just admitted he enjoys wasting peoples time simply “because”.

> Crackpipe never provided a reason why he bothered writing anything if he agreed that this wasn’t evidence.

> If he wasn’t really thinking this stuff was evidence right from the start then why didn’t he just say that in the beginning of his stupid response?

> Shows again how pointless Crackpipe is to talk to and how he really is a waste of time in general.

> Also shows how Crackpipe IS just a brainwashed loser with no real evidence or argument.
Crackpipe continues….

“But I’ll let him have the last word:

f) Celsus was a christianity critic and thought it was ridiculous.

The end is near!

Last but not least: Josephus.”


Yes still not evidence of anything.


– Crackpipe is still brainwashed to a lie.

– He just admitted he wasted everyones time on this response for nothing.

– Crackpipe still hasn’t told us how christianity, or anything in the Jesus story, or about Jesus makes any sense.

> He just says “that just because it doesn’t make sense to me doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense”.

> This is a “non-answer”.

– Crackpipe of course still hasn’t told us if he is child indoctrinated, or what caused him to be religious.

> More time wasting deflection from Crackpipe.