May 6-Tuesday/2014

So I notice that Beercan has posted another blog link attacking my article on the meaningless evidence of Jesus.

He really is a weirdo. He actually found a mistake I made, which was very helpful to me that he told me and for the cause of Atheism, which helps me more expose biblical nonsense and also gave me an article link of world renowned historian Richard Carrier to prove what I was saying even further.

Very similar to as if Beercan worked for the mafia and and I was a cop and he just told me I looked in the wrong place to find the bodies. With all the lies and nonsense in the bible who can keep track.

Still proves nothing on Beercan’s part though and he even admits that the link he provided by Richard Carrier debunks anything that Thalius had supposedly written even further. This of course merely makes me wonder if he even knows how to dress himself in the morning.

Beercan then does more rambling about Alexander the great and saying that there is more evidence for Jesus then for Alexander the great. This is of course a pointless and stupid argument no matter who uses it for the following reasons:

a) It still proves nothing.

b) Whether Alexander the great’s history is correct, or not doesn’t impact anyone’s life with a religion.

c) If everything about Alexander the great was wrongly documented and untrue wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Why would it?

d) The fact that Jesus is the basis of a religion and that everything about Jesus, the canon gospels and the entire new testament contradicts themselves, that there is no evidence of anything about Jesus whatsoever and strong evidence AGAINST Jesus being god, or even being a real person, makes all these non-credible stories about Jesus completely meaningless.

e) There is no political agenda involved in Alexander the great and the stories about him.

f) All stories about Jesus are based on hearsay.

g) There is just as much evidence of the nonsensical story of Muhammed flying to the moon on a winged horse and cutting the moon in half, but I don’t see Beercan latching on to believing that happened.

Like this very brainwashed muslim Richard Dawkins talked to and debated:

Beercan then says:

“Now, BB(s)J fails to mention Thallus is NOT a Christian. He was a pagan historian.”

Right, which means nothing when being forged by a christian hundreds of years later.

He then pathetically offers a quote from Phlegnon which is supposed to be evidence of anything even though Phlegnon was born 47 years after Jesus supposedly died and supposedly wrote his quote, as shown here from Beercan in the Phlegnon quote of 137 AD:

“Greek Historian Phlegon wrote: In the fourth year of the 202nd Olympiad, there was an eclipse of the Sun which was greater than any known before and in the sixth hour of the day it became night; so that stars appeared in the heaven; and a great Earthquake that broke out in Bithynia destroyed the greatest part of Nicaea.”

Again as I show the reference to several reasons why it’s meaningless here:

Beercan then rambles about how I am merely giving my OPINION that this quote is meaningless, but I fail to see on what level this quote could be anything else BUT meaningless?

Let’s review:

– Born 47 years later, so wasn’t there

– Written 80 years later by hearsay sources

– No records that the above quote was said except from biased christian sources only, hundreds of years later.

As I say in the article that Beercan is attacking and for which he pretends I didn’t say these things:

[1]- Sextus Juilius Africanus (200 years after Jesus supposedly died)

[2]- Origen (200 years after Jesus supposedly died)

[3]- Eusebius (300 years after Jesus supposedly died)

[4]- Saint. Jerome (300 years after Jesus supposedly died)

[5]- Philipon (500 years after Jesus supposedly died)

c) Again the same thing as with Thallus, Phlegon’s work is only supported by christians who’s life consisted of being brainwashed and worshipping Jesus.

Now Beercan says that we have reasons to believe that Thallus wasn’t lying, but I don’t think that Beercan seems to grasp what I was even saying.

– I never said that Sextus was lying (though I do think he was but that isn’t the point) I never said that. Though yes I did imply it, but whether Sextus thought he was telling the truth, or not is irrelevant.

– I said that the evidence is completely non-credible (because it is) and no court in the world could logically accept it as such, or does Beercan think that Mohammed fly to the moon on a winged horse?

– This is not evidence for anything and there is more evidence that Joseph Smith found golden plates and talked to an angel in the 1800s which I’m sure Beercan doesn’t believe.

Then Beercan says the following opinion about me about my views:

“1) Time alone is not enough reason to discount a writing as “non-credible.”
2) Nor is that all we know of what a person said or wrote comes from second hand sources.”

So let’s see here….

As for number one well that is a silly thing and pointless statement to say when you consider how vague that is and circumstantial.

– No eye witnesses
– Biased writers
– Hundreds of years later
– Motive and agenda for lying
– We have to take their word

Beercan continues to imply that I’m delusional for saying this isn’t credible. Is he for real?

As for number two. There still is no possible way any sane or rational being takes these as credible sources as evidence of a rabbi who created the universe and was squashed like a mosquito.

Anyway, Beercan seems to be doing nothing but implying that I’m only giving opinions, but then agrees with my opinions that he doesn’t find Thallus credible either.

I thought I would also add the confirmed forgeries added to the new testament itself. Since Beercan keeps implying that christians lying and forging are such a silly concept. Let’s remind him of how many there are and in the gospel canon:

Also the gospels themselves.

Mark 16:9-19 (think of how many people died from poison snakes)

So I present you ladies and gentleman Beercan christian, my latest tool (and I do mean tool) of showing the stupidity, brainwashing and denial of the christian mind and how there is no logical reason to be a christian, or any other religion for that matter.