May 23 Part 2

Well by the looks of things I won’t be making my deadline of getting all Crackpipe’s responses done, plus the list of all his lies, plus the new “Evidence of Jesus is meaningless 2” article based on all the smashing of the defenses and arguments that Crackpipe helped me find. Not by the time school starts again. Oh well.

I guess the thing that annoys me the most is that Crackpipe will have these all replied to and posted within a day with extra stupidity and just more repeating of the same old things.

Where he finds the time I do not know.

So anyway, here Crackpipe asks another ridiculous question that you can tell he thinks is so brilliant, when meanwhile I’m wondering how he could be this dumb and ask such a pointless stupid questions. Oh, I think I just answered it.

Like seriously seriously seriously WTF?!
Crackpipe asks….

“What’s the world supposed to be like?
I had noticed before, but just now it jogged something in my brain pan.

BB(s)J said this:”Thanks also for helping my articles sound better and better to show christianity to be nothing but a big meaningless waste of time and everything that is wrong with this world.”

How can there be something wrong in the world?”

Well I guess it really isn’t Crackpipe’s fault that he asks such stupid questions, because he is brainwashed and it does impair and blind his thinking.

– I’d apologize, if I didn’t completely hate Crackpipe’s guts for wasting so much of my time and for him being such an obnoxious, unfunny douchbag, that has his mind set on poisoning and infecting the world with brainwashing and mental illness.

– What’s wrong in the world is that religion is destroying it.

– Religion is clouding people’s minds and blinding them from real problems and real issues.

– The mostly non-religious countries have proven to be happier, more peaceful and more economically successful than religious countries and the evidence is undeniable.

– Atheist populations in prisons in the US alone is .21 % not 21% but point two one percent.

– Religions all over the world have become a thing that spreads hate and causes hate.

– Religion is everything that is wrong with this world because of what it actually is…. a tool.

> A tool to scam people.

> A tool to control people.

> A tool to scare people.

> A tool to enslave people.

> A tool to murder people.

> A tool to abuse children.

> A tool to justify human rights violations.

> A tool to torture people in the worst, most painful and despicable ways possible.

> A tool to waste peoples time and distract them from things that really matter, like disease, hunger, energy, medicine, science, global warming, pollution and space travel.

> A tool so evil that it’s victims are the ones who defend it!

> A tool so evil that it can only be described as “a virus” or “social parasite”.

> A tool so evil that it causes brain damage with it’s brain washing.

> A tool to make people proud to be stupid and encourage others to do the same.

> A tool that divides and seperates families and causes some of them to disown their children.

> A tool that causes people to both kill themselves and sacrifice their lives all for a lie.

> A tool that puts a book over the lives of human beings.

> A tool that makes people ashamed of themselves and hate themselves just for the simple fact of being born.

> A tool that causes rioting over petty delusions that make no sense and have no evidence.

> A tool that causes in mass what only idiots and lunatics could believe alone.
Crackpipe ends with this even more stupid question….

“What’s this accidental world supposed to be like, BB(s)J?”

Well at least we can set things straight then.

– You can’t consider the Earth accidental when there are dozens of Earth-like planets being discovered every year in other solar systems.

– You can’t consider the Earth accidental when natural explanations are observed and both scientifically analyzed and proven regularly.

– You can’t consider the Earth accidental when you don’t understand how actual science works and explains things.

– You can’t consider the Earth accidental when we see supernovas exploding and creating all the elements that are in the periodic table using stellar nucleosynthesis from what was created with the Big Bang’s nucleosynthesis.

– You can’t consider the Earth accidental when you consider the scale of things:

> There are between 100 BILLION-500 BILLION stars in just our galaxy alone.

> There are 200 BILLION galaxies in the universe.

> The universe is 58 BILLION light years across, or more.

> The universe is 13.8 BILLION-14 BILLION years old.

> The Earth is but a tiny speck of dust that is merely nothing in the entire universe.

> Earth is only 4.54 BILLON years old.

– The fact that Crackpipe tries to delude himself into thinking how important he is is simply just evidence that religious people have been conditioned to be in denial and brainwashed to be ego maniacs.

– This world isn’t an accident.

> A blade of grass isn’t an accident.

> Algae and moss growing on Earth a billion years ago wasn’t an accident

> The universe evolves and the universe has life all over it in probably most, but most likely every galaxy.

> Human beings and the Earth and everything in our solar system are all simply just a biproduct of nature, the Big Bang, exploding super novas, gravity, evolution and regular occurences.

– What this accidental world is supposed to be like is supposed to be like 2000 years more advanced than it is now.

> Blasphemy laws and people interpreting science and math as witchcraft never helped matters.

> People being put to death for believing anything other than their religion never helped either.

– Religion has hindered progress of science and human standards and distracted us from beneficial goals and discouraged academic acheivement and held back the world mentally.

– If a global catastrophe hits Earth within the next 50 years then there won’t be a single surviving human left in existence.

> We should have been living in space and flying huge Earth made space ships at the very least, throughout the solar system by now.

> We should have conquered hunger and conquered clean energy and synthesized artificial meat by now.

> We in all reality should have conquered every single disease, virus or medical issue in existence by now.

> We should have even conquered death itself.

– So what kind of world is this supposed to be like Crackpipe asks?


So I have decided to turn this into another blog article with the content, so as much as it pains me I know that a thank-you is in order to Crackpipe for the content of another article that exposes religion for the negative qualities it has.

If it wasn’t for Crackpipe writing the above article I responded to then I wouldn’t have such an awesome article for my main blog to post.