May 20 Part 3

Ok Part 3 of the deranged stupidity of the idiot moron known as Crackpipe christian.
Crackpipe says….

“Summary of BB(s)J vs. Jesus
Okay, just a quick post to tie in a that was discussed. No I’m not going to go through all of it again, no worries!

Rather I just wanted to discuss a few things regarding te evidence for Jesus.

BB(s)J is right on one thing: there is no evidence for Jesus in the 1st century…OUTSIDE the Bible.”

But wasn’t that what one of my main points was in the first place?

– Seriously, shouldn’t that really be all that is important?

– Doesn’t that make everything that isn’t within the 1st century kinda non-credible?

– 67 years later and based on nothing but hearsay.

> No eyewitnesses.

> Over 350,000 discovered manuscript mistakes in the bible.

> Overwhelming contradictions.

> Politically motivated (replacing jewish laws, demonizing them and oppressing them).

> Control and financial gain for many.

> Countless proven forgeries.

> Undeniable similarities between old testament stories.

> Undeniable similarities of other “savior gods” and mythical beings that Crackpipe doesn’t believe in because he wasn’t brainwashed to them.

> Referencing repeated old testament characters which have shown to be impossible, or based on fictional stories from other religions, or historically false.

– Either way though there isn’t any evidence of Jesus in the 1st place in any century since everything said about Jesus was just said on hearsay.
Crackpipe continues….

“However we do have evidence within the 1st century when we include the Bible as source material.

In fact, we have source material from someone who KNEW Jesus’ brother: Paul.”

This is of course from a book that is confirmed plagarism and nothing but recycled myth.

– This is from a book where Paul was a guy whose whole purpose was to start a religion and who had an agenda for doing so.

> Manipulating people.

> Controlling people.

> Financial gain.

– This from a book that’s main messenger is no different than Joseph Smith getting visited by Maroni the angel and getting golden plates (which he had eyewitnesses and signatures) and Mohammed getting Gabriel the angel to tell him what to put in the koran over a 20 year period.

– Paul basically was a cult leader and all religions started out as cults at one point and christianity is no different.

– Paul’s works were complete works of fiction created to deceive people into falling for the belief, whether they were created by Paul or not.

> Paul’s letters are no different than Joseph Smith’s golden plates (which I doubt Crackpipe believes in).

> Paul’s letters are no different than Mohammed and the koran (which I doubt Crackpipe believes in).

> Paul’s letters are no different than the first 5 books that were said to be written by Moses which the hebrew bible is based (which Moses of course didn’t write and it’s been shown that nothing in any of those books ever happened).

– So Crackpipe is saying he is basing every single thing in his life on the following:

> One man 2000 years ago (Paul) who merely said he had a vision and talked to Jesus in outer space.

> One man (Paul) who had a monopoly of churches that got started.

> One man (Paul) who Bart Ehrman said knew the brother of a man claiming to be “god” who was a hippy rabbi with no evidence whatsoever.

> One man (Jesus) who Bart Ehrman says was a meaningless nobody (basically) who wasn’t even significant or relevant at the time he might have lived.

> One man (Jesus) who many scholars actually do think never existed, but the fact remains that biblical scholars are mostly religious and that is why there are so many more who claim Jesus was at least historical.

> A ridiculous religion that Crackpipe was brainwashed to and nothing else.
Crackpipe continues….

“Due to his beliefs BB(s)J thinks the Bible cannot be used as a source. He is free to do that! Doesn’t mean he’s right.”

Crackpipe is of course bringing up the “beliefs” issue because he merely wishes to time waste.

> He knows Atheists have no beliefs in a religion, so why else would he say it unless he wanted to be annoying?

– Atheists don’t go by religious beliefs they go by facts and the facts show the folllowing:

> The bible (old and new) makes no sense whatsoever.

> Contradicts science.

> Contradicts history.

> Contradicts facts.

– Everything Atheists acknowledge to be true about Atheism is because:

> It makes sense.

> It is scientifically based.

> It is real because we have evidence and proof that all religions are lies and there is no evidence of gods.

> It isn’t obviously a scam like the thousands of religions throughout history that make no sense and have no evidence.

> Atheism is simply the real world we know of without any evidence of gods or religions, because there is no evidence for either gods or any religion being true.

> If Atheists don’t know something they simply say “I don’t know”.

> Religious people simply say “God did it” and don’t bother actually thinking, or learning anything, especially if it disproves their religion.
Crackpipe continues…

“However, historians do consider – in part, if not in whole – The NT to be a source for historical information. Especially about the early Christian Church!”

Okay this is complete nonsense that Crackpipe just said and I’ll tell you why:

– There is nothing historical about the gospels.

– There is nothing reliable, or credible about the gospels.

– There is nothing factually true about the gospels.

– The gospels makes several references to the plagarized and historically proven false old testament.

– There is nothing that is even believable, or credible in the gospels.

– If Crackpipe doesn’t believe me then why doesn’t he refer to Hector Avalos about what he thinks about the gospels?
Crackpipe continues….

“Nearly all historical scholars also believe there is evidence outside the Bible. There are three solid sources and one possible.

The solid sources are Tacitus, Pliny the Younger, and Josephus (who refers to Jesus twice).

The possible source is Suetonious.”

As usual Crackpipe is full of it.

– I explain why the Tacitus thing doesn’t work.

> Forgery evidence.

> “Christians” weren’t called “christiani” yet in 64 AD.

> There were no multitudes of christians living in Rome yet at that time and barely in Judea, even if the passage were true.

> The accounts of Tacitus’ christian references with the improperly spelled “Christus” and talk of christians wasn’t discovered til the 15th century

> Somebody would have referenced this long ago since they had full access to Tacitus’s writings.

> Tacitus and Sulpicius Severus had very similar quotes, except that Sulpicius only mentions christians.

> Sulpicus never references Tacitus to anyone.

> This only has Tacitus talking about the superstition that christians believed, NOTHING ELSE.

> No mention of Jesus’s name or whatever it might have been.

> Tacitus never knew Jesus.

> Tacitus wasn’t there.

> When talking of Pontius Pilot, Tacitus is simply repeating THE CLAIM that christians made, nothing else.

> Chapter 15 paragraph 44 wasn’t written in 64 AD it was written in 116 AD and last I checked all information about christianity and what THEY BELIEVED was quite common knowledge by then.

> There was no video, audio, internet, newspapers, radio, or trustworthy media of any kind.

> Since Tacitus is talking about Hercules and Ulysses then they must be real too (according o Crackpipe)

– I show why Pliny the younger is meaningless as evidence also:

> Never mentions Jesus and just talks about crazy christians.

> Born 29 years after Jesus supposedly died so everything Pliny would have heard would be hearsay and Pliny was not there and never knew Jesus.

> Even if you completely remove the fact that it might have been a forgery out of the equation, just proving that there were crazy brainwashed christians does not count as evidence for Jesus.

> He never wrote this letter til 110-112 AD.

> This is 79 years later.

> Not even in the 1st century.

> Pliny isn’t saying he saw Jesus crucified or ressurected.

– I destroy Josephus as meaningless also:

1) Eusebius was a well known forger and the fact that Eusebius was the ONLY one to have copies of Josephus’ works and that these Josephus quotes of Jesus were never referenced until the 15th CENTURY (well over 1000 years) is undeniable.

– The fact that Josephus was as jewish as you can get and that what was found was completely not what he believed, or thought makes it completely unbelievable.

– Multiple biblical scholars agree that it was Eusebius, or someone else who forged the Jesus references.

> Some say all of the TF was forged.

> Some say part of it was forged.

> Forged is forged.

> Even if the Josephus parts weren’t forged it would still be about someone parrotting a religious belief and nothing else.

2) For no one to have referenced the Josephus writing about Jesus passages for well over a 1000 years AND NOT BEFORE, with people having full access and constantly searching for evidence of Jesus, is just insane.

Crackpipe is insulting his intelligence and anyone else’s intelligence who he tells that this is an insignicant point.
This is Crackpipe doing his best to make us simply dismiss something by doing nothing but imply that they aren’t important.

3) They don’t fit with what was around them and the fact that Josephus was a jew who didn’t believe in Jesus being the messiah and didn’t talk like a brainwashed faith based christian can’t be denied.

4) It is highly suspicious about some of the wording that were in the passages and multiple scholars note the same thing.

5) The time issues.

– The fact that what is written in Josephus whether it is forged, or not forged, is nothing but talking about the christian religion and a character within that religion, for which we know that Josephus did not believe in.

– Bringing up the time issue, let’s talk then AGAIN about how these Jesus references were NEVER referenced UNTIL the 15th century.

Josephus was often quoted and read throughout the centuries by people looking for Jesus references and quotes, so OVER A 1000 YEARS?!! WTF?!

– Speaking again of the time issue:

– Josephus never knew Jesus and wasn’t born til after his supposed death.
Josephus’s father never told him anything about Jesus.

– Josephus wrote these works that Jesus was referenced in over 60 years after Jesus’s supposed death and the Jesus references weren’t discovered til over 1000 years later, in the possession of a known forger.

– The fact that every year that goes by with zero evidence and nothing to back it up with eyewitnesses, video, audio, pictures and is based on nonsensical hearsay, just becomes more and more absurd the more time goes on.

> Crackpipe can go “haha he said video, audio and pictures” all he wants, but since there isn’t any, then I’m pretty sure there really isn’t any other way to confirm that a man-god came back to life who is the omnipotent master and creator of the universe.

6) The point about how Josephus’ writings simply aren’t evidence of anything, even if they weren’t partly forged, or wholly forged.

Just repeating hearsay and parrotting a delusion that a bunch of suckers believed in simply for the reason that back then people didn’t know anything and religion and superstition are what gripped the world.

7) The fact that Josephus was a devout jew who didn’t believe in the messiah, or christianity, so he wouldn’t have believed in Jesus since he never knew, or met him.

8) Let’s also remind Crackpipe of the fact that in Josephus’ writings….

He made mention of approximately twenty different people, all with the name “Jesus”, and that some of these characters included; Jesus the son of Sapphias, Jesus the son of Gamala, Jesus the son of Phabet, Jesus the son of Sie, Jesus the son of Fabus, Jesus the son of Thias, Jesus the son of Gamaliel, Jesus the son of Damneus, Jesus the brother of Onias, Jesus the brother of John, Jesus the Galilean, who was a great military commander and many others. (From Michael Sherlock’s Forging the Historical Jesus- The Jesus Fraud).

– Suetonius is absolutely meaningless also:

> It’s still only a reference and quote 80 years after Jesus supposedly was killed.

> Still in an entire different century.

> The term and time period was 10 years after Jesus died, NOT when around the time he was supposed to have lived.

> No evidence the quote was even about Jesus.

> Nothing credible about a quote 80 years later, from a source that’s been dead for 60 years and passed on from other sources (this is credible how again?)

> The point is also that Claudius was dead 16 years before the writer was even born (credible again how?)
Crackpipe continues…..

“In short, historians have pretty much come to a conclusion: Jesus existed.

This isn’t to say historians agree Jesus was the son of God or divine by any means.”

No Crackpipe and I will AGAIN say WHY:

– All 3 of the pieces of evidence you mentioned I show are completely meaningless.

– There still is no evidence for Jesus anywhere.

> None.

> Zip.

> You cannot prove the bible with the bible, that is circular reasoning.

> Again Crackpipe is basing his entire existence on the writings and copies of copies from one man and nothing else.

> Paul never knew Jesus and there is nothing to say Paul wasn’t an amazing propaganda artist and manipulator.

> It was easy for Joseph Smith and it was easy for Mohammed, should Crackpipe say that the idea is ridiculous he can tell me what the difference is.

> Islam is based on one man’s words.
> Mormonism is based on one man’s words.
> Christianity is based on one man’s words.

– It’s not the fact that there isn’t anything saying Jesus wasn’t anything more than a meaningless nobody, but THE FACT that there ISN’T any proof Jesus even existed AT ALL.
Crackpipe continues….

“To use a favorite link of BB(s)J’s:

Really it comes down to a matter of faith.

I have faith, based on the evidence, Jesus existed.”

There isn’t any evidence Jesus existed and the 3 pieces that he mentions are completely meaningless, also the Suetonius reference.

– I clearly show how above.
Crackpipe continues….

“BB(s)J has faith, based on rejection of the evidence, Jesus didn’t.”

Jesus didn’t what? That makes no sense.

– I don’t have “faith” by not knowing something.

– I simply have what is called “a rational mind that isn’t gullible to nonsensical delusion that makes no sense”.
Crackpipe continues….

“I have faith as well that Jesus is the Son of God.

BB(s)J has faith he isn’t.”

Crackpipe is of course wrong (as always).

– I don’t have “faith” Jesus isn’t the son of god.

– I have KNOWLEDGE Jesus isn’t God, or the son of God.

> Basing everything on Paul is insane.

– Science has proved everything we need to know and even if hypothetically intelligent design were somehow true it would have NOTHING to do with any religion.

– I know every religion makes no sense and is completely ridiculous.

– I know every religion is based on superstition that is based on nonsense from not knowing anything about actual science, or history.

– There is nothing regarding my views on religions, or godlike beings that is in anyway based on faith, but merely of FACT.

> Facts that have been researched.

> Facts that I don’t lie to myself about because of cognitive dissonance.
Crackpipe continues….

“By going through the evidence with BB(s)J my attempt was to show his failures in logic, that his arguments weren’t so, and that despite his repeated claims there ISN’T evidence for Jesus outside the Bible, as scholars claim there is.

Of course BB(s)J will say I failed.”

Not only did Crackpipe fail but he helped make my NEW article on the evidence of Jesus being meaningless 3 times better.

– Crackpipe merely forced me to expose everything even further.

– All Crackpipe has done is show christianity to be even more nonsensical and meaningless than it is.

– All Crackpipe has also done is show everyone how desperate and deluded christians really are.
Crackpipe continues….

“And if I did, that’s fine. I’m not interested in being right, I’m interested in the truth.”


– Since when has a christian ever been interested in the truth?

– Crackpipe seriously must have said that just to set me off.

Ok then I will give Crackpipe and any chtistians reading this THE TRUTH.

> Christianity like all religions is a fraud.

> Religions are recycled from other religions and base themselves off of those lies.

> Many religions are plagarism from other religions.

> All religions are brainwashing.

> The world is better off without religion and religion needs to simply be erased.

> If religious people would simply wake up and realize the truth then they would be much happier and better off.

Like this ex-preacher:
Crackpipe finishes…

“So, now we get to move on to a different topic of BB(s)J’s choosing.”

I don’t care what topic Crackpipe chooses because I will expose whatever he says as both wrong and delusional.