May 20 part 2

So we’re back now with one of FOUR responses that Crackpipe got done in one day, but again only because he has no life.

Each response takes me about 4-5 days, but again I do have a life, so that is to be expected. This one is at least short.

Odd that last response he said he would do Josephus and then does the Talmud instead.

Oh well. You never know what the mentally ill will do next.
Crackpipe says….

BB(s)J vs. Jesus Part Ten: The Talmud
Whew! Me made it, we did it! We got to the end!!!

In this post we deal with the Talmud.

This is gonna be quick!

Let’s not waste time!

“10) JEWISH TALMUD 400-1200 AD”

Okay, so then BB(s)J just copies the list from the hubpages website:

a) Is written hundreds of years later than when Jesus supposedly died.
b) The entire history of Jesus is completely inaccurate than the NT version.
– Was sentenced to be stoned to death.
– Was hung instead.
– Was sentenced for sorcery, not blasphemy.
– Was executed by Jews, not Romans.
– Wasn’t even written about depicted in the same century as the NT.
– Many many other reasons.”

Well, the “many, many other reasons” is what convinced me!

No, honestly, though I’m brainwashed I wouldn’t offer this one up for evidence either. Not at first, anyway.

There are arguments for both sides, but I fall in the “don’t know” category. That is, I’m agnostic about this.

In any case it’s not needed anyway.

It would be good if it was, but the possibility that it’s not isn’t very problematic in any way. (As we will see in the forthcoming summary)

So we can give this one two BB(s)J if he wants it. (2 out of ten we agree on!)



We are talking evidence, remember?

History cannot be proven BB(s)J.

But we aren’t done folks! No, one LAST post and we are done. This post will be a summary of what we have discovered and what is actually accepted by historical scholarship and what THEY not BB(s)J or I have to say. Then we can move onto BB(s)J’s topic he has chosen and maybe that list of lies…

Ok well what do we have here then:

– Well I do believe Crackpipe has lost count.

> Thallus he agreed wasn’t credible.

> Celsus he agreed wasn’t good evidence

> Plus the Talmud now.

> That makes THREE!


– Isn’t it interesting how Jim Wallace thinks those 3 that Crackpipe doesn’t believe are evidence and he’s a bigger “expert” supposedly than Crackpipe is.