May 10/Satuday 2014

So I’ve been pretty busy with school and work and rather irritated lately with the approximately 20 Atheist defenders of religion on Twitter that defend religion for some reason, attack my brainwashing confrontations I have, say things that imply that I’m childish while they behave childishly and say childish things. In fact I have my suspicions about one of the Atheist religion defenders in particular being Beercan himself, but I can’t confirm this.

Beercan is so warped and demented that I wouldn’t put it past him to pretend to be an Atheist on Twitter. Either way I really couldn’t care less anymore about what he says or the what the Atheist religion defenders say. I have my own things going on.

So being both bored and completely disgusted with these 20 in the Atheist community, I have closed my Twitter accounts and will be focusing on my education of science, biology and philosophy as I have been doing, in my war against religion, aswell as psychology. I have decided to get involved in psychology in order to prove and expose the harms, dangers, and all the negative things about religion and brainwashing being the only reason people are religious. A degree in each field should be more than helpful.

Anyways, let’s respond to Beercan and his ridiculous blog posts of misleading lies, nonsense and unbelievable delusion.

Here we have Beercan responding to these blog chronicles this far and it’s past responses to his responses….


Beercan says

“BB(s)J Responds!
Back on the 6th of this month, BB(s)J posted a response to my critique of HIS critique of the extra Biblical evidence that Christians have provided for him.

You can find his post here:

You will have to scroll down a ways to get to it.

There’s really not much in the way of bothering to reply to. BB(s)J just repeats his points- he gives us no further justification.”

LOL Who does Beercan think he’s kidding? He thinks that simply dismissing what I say is actually doing anything.

Beercan is simply doing the classic apologetics move where he implies things that aren’t true, simply by saying something is a certain way, but doing nothing more than projecting something that absolutely ISN’T true.

Let’s list a few things that I have said that Beercan has not done.

1) He has not given any “evidence” of Jesus outside of the bible any credibility.

2) He has not given reason to believe any of the evidence was not one or more of the following:

– Not evidence within the 1st century

– Not rewritten hundreds of years later by biased christian scribes

– Had no convincing evidence the person that was talked about was even Jesus

– Believed and shown by multiple scholars to be forgeries.

– Not outside of the fictional bible and fictional gospels, which contradicts itself and is historically inaccurate

I will remind you that any of the above demonstrates that the evidence is non-credible, funny how all the “evidence” each has multiple ways that they are non-credible.

Beercan continues….

“He also shows a lack of understanding of what is being argued…”

No, Beercan is simply projecting his nonsense and lying. Beercan has still not made any of the evidence of Jesus outside of the bible credible, believable, or real in any way shape, or form.

He has done nothing but do what he has done from the start of his belief. Whether that was from childhood indoctrination, or brainwashed at a later age by being caught in an emotional vulnerability that was exploited. I think he told me many months ago, but I forget. This is the thing that is called “faith” that Beercan has and nothing else.

This is what “faith” is:

– Believing things without evidence.

– Wanting something to be true.

– Not a reason to believe something but a lack of a reason to believe something.

Again, the only reason Beercan believes HIS religion and not someone else’s is because of brainwashing to christianity and not another religion that told him “evidence” and he blindly would have believed every word. Simple as that.

Beercan continues….

“Lastly, he goes off on a different line of discussion, most likely due to the lack of actual argument in the first place. Common tactic for those with weak arguments, change the argument.

Example: whether or not I believe what the Quran says about Muhammad has NO BEARING on whether or not Sextus is true or not! Sextus’ validity is based on what we can determine about it with the information we have. Not based on one’s belief in the Quran.

It’s just another example of the poor, dare I say shitty, logic BB(s)J uses to make, defend, and believe his “arguments.” ”

Fascinating. Beercan is simply now deflecting my point by saying that the point was irrelevant, but thinks that saying that “there is more evidence of Jesus (which is zero) than Alexander the great (a non politically motivated, non-religious figure which by all chances could be wrong) is relevant to any sort of “proof”.

I will of course go over my point again to explain to Beercan how relevant it was (which he of course knows it was, but is just deflecting).

– All stories of Jesus whether they be in the bible, or one of the examples of Jesus outside of the bible that I show as meaningless, Beercan and other brainwashed christians believe.

– Other religions and Atheists, agnostics, or deists can tell that these stories of Jesus are absurd and have no truth or meaning, simply by examining the evidence, or lack of

– Muslims however believe the story of the winged horse and Mohammed splitting the moon in half, as I showed beercan (I saw that nobody ever clicked or opened that vid about the horse, so that would include Beercan) He really should watch it.

– What I would like Beercan to explain to everyone is why he doesn’t believe that Mohammed flew back and forth to heaven on a winged horse, but believes that Jesus was a god (on no evidence)

– What I would like Beercan to explain to everyone is how he has “faith” that a letter written from someone who doesn’t mention Jesus, but mentions people of the time frame of Socrates and Pythagoras which are 5th century and 6th century B.C (which are in the same paragraph as the “wise jewish king” reference, could possibly be perceived as credible?

– I really can hardly wait til we get through this article I wrote so Beercan will focus on one of my brainwashing articles (which of course he won’t)

– So Mara Bar-Seropian could easily have been referring to someone else in the past 600 years.

– Again, no name was mentioned.

– This is “faith” and Beercan is basing someone whose entire existence is politically and financially motivated that people MUST believe, or Trillions of dollars are lost, on nothing but faith.

Now as for ME defending myself, let’s get somethings clear right now:

– I’m not the one who believes things without evidence (that’s Beercan)

– Every single reason Beercan has to not believe in islam, or Mohammed being a prophet, is the same reasons that muslims and every other religion has for not believing in christianity

– Everything I acknowledge to be true is proven by science, archaeology, chemistry and NASA

> Evolution

> Big Bang

> Every single religion exposed as both a lie and having no evidence

– The last time I checked, not one single thing in the bible, or christianity was backed, or supported by science, or even history

So bottom line:

– Beercan hasn’t disproved a single thing

– Beercan has lied

– Beercan has projected his lies and deluded himself into thinking that he is actually making a point when he isn’t and deluded himself to think that anyone would accept anything Beercan says