Friday, May 23, 2014

Well whether or not Crackpipe was simply hoping I’d waste more of my time and address this beyond stupid article he posted I have no idea. Maybe simply for the purpose of wasting my time.

I think Crackpipe is responding to this article I wrote recently.

I really didn’t want to bother and I almost think that Crackpipe posted this just to annoy and irritate me because he thought that it would.

I mean this short article he wrote really went to a whole new level of stupid.

Regardless, I will address it….
Crackpipe says….

“Are we born atheists?

More than once I’ve seen the argument that we are all born atheists.

But is this true?”

Yes it’s true. We are born Atheists until:

– We’re mentally poisoned with religions which are all lies and nonsense.

– We’re child indoctrinated and mentally conditioned to deny any other reality.

– We’re brainwashed when older by being exploited from being in a state of being caught while mentally, or emotionally vulnerable.

– We’re lied to and deceived by people who are so amazing at brainwashing people because they themselves are brainwashed (which is why it feels so natural).

> Deceivers like cult leaders though are true masters.
Crackpipe continues….

“Atheism, at its core and true definition, is the belief that God doesn’t exist.”

Crackpipe is soooo wrong on this, but I gather that the reasoning behind Crackpipe’s thinking is because he is superimposing and projecting his own brainwashed thinking into the minds of Atheists (so he thinks).

– What Crackpipe doesn’t understand is that a mind that is free to think on it’s own and not brainwashed to be the slave of a delusion, thinks differently than his.

– Crackpipe has it completely wrong when he says that “Atheists believe there is no god” because that is NOT how our brains work.

– The correct term is “ATHEISTS DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD”

– Atheist’s brains work on evidence and rationality you see and religious people’s brains work on faith and delusional belief.

> Carl Sagan said it best when he said:

“You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe.”

Also Bertrand Russell:

“What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite”.

– Atheism is the neutral position.

– Atheists simply DO NOT BELIEVE because we have no reason to believe.

– Atheists simply acknowledge what we know to be real because of evidence and science.

– Atheists are not religious and not believers of gods because there is no reason or evidence that we should be.

– Deists believe in intelligent design and various other beliefs, but not a religion.

– Religious believers believe in all kinds of things.

– Atheists DO NOT BELIEVE in gods, or the truth of religions, because there is no evidence to believe.

– If Atheists had evidence to believe in gods, or religions being based on real things then we would believe.

As Richard Carrier brilliantly explains:

– Even Crackpipe’s hero Million Lame Eggs agrees:
Crackpipe continues….

“A belief requires a certain amount of cognitive ability. With this ability one forms a belief through various means of knowledge acquisition.”

So what kind of belief is something if you don’t believe it because there is no evidence, or sound scientific theories?

– Believing something that has no evidence and makes no sense is in no way interpretted as knowledge, but of delusion.
Crackpipe continues….

“As babies we lack this ability to form meaningful beliefs.”

Until child indoctrinated to only believe nonsense, or to be brought up having a SOUND KNOWLEDGE OF THE SCIENTIFIC WORLD instead.

– Science makes sense.

– Science isn’t always right and can change with evidence.

– Religion teaches to ignore evidence.

– Religion teaches to believe things that make no sense and have no evidence.

> Case in point:

The belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree…

> Crackpipe has yet to explain how that makes any sense, just that “because it doesn’t make sense to me doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense”.

LOL Yeah like that’s an answer.
Crackpipe continues….

“My niece just turned six the other day, and while she knows what she likes and doesn’t like, and I love her to death I wouldn’t trust her on making certain decisions, or trust her on some beliefs she may currently hold: such as she should ALWAYS get her way.”

Yeah we sure don’t want people thinking for themselves, or turning into freethinkers do we?

– I guess Crackpipe is saying one of 2 things.

1) His niece hasn’t been shown and taught what is universal and demonstratably true through scientific interpretation.

2) She hasn’t been brainwashed enough yet to completely make her deny all evidence against anything that might disprove christianity.

> So she must have religious delusions programmed into her because Crackpipe doesn’t want her to have the ability to doubt, or think for herself.

> Crackpipe does not want his niece to have the ability to rationally say “this religion and all other religions make no sense and have no evidence”.

Reminding me of this:

and this:

Crackpipe continues….

“Hell, I know some people my age that have trouble making good, knowledgable decisions…”

Seriously?! You’re kidding?

– I think Crackpipe is talking about himself here.

– Let’s talk about Crackpipe’s bad decision to follow a religion that makes no sense whatsoever.

– Let’s talk about Crackpipe’s bad decision to follow any religion at all because none of them make any sense.

– Let’s talk about Crackpipe’s bad decision to simply ignore the fact that his religion is based on greed, deception, murder, lying, hate, bigotry, ignorance, political control and power.

> Another Bertrand Russell quote:

“So far as I can remember there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence.”
Crackpipe continues….

“For sure, at some point we develop our cognitive abilities to the degree that we feel we can make rational decisions and form rational beliefs.

But as babies, since we lack this ability does that make us atheists at birth?


Actually yes it does.

– Babies are born not believing in god, or gods and their religion is programmed into them later through child indoctrination rather than allowing them to come to their own conclusions through scientific theory, or simple observation.

– If they were simply raised in a colony of people that weren’t necessarily Atheists, but simply kept religions to themselves and were schooled and educated on science and demostratably real things, then how would they be subjected to any religion?

> Is Crackpipe implying that they would just naturally be religious?

> Even if that were true it would mean that they created a religion themselves from scratch and it wouldn’t be any religion that would resemble Crackpipe’s religion, or any other religion.

– The only reason Crackpipe believes his non-sensical lie religion is because that is the one he was brainwashed to.

> Just like other people are religious because that was the religion that they were brainwashed to, no matter what religion they are, that us why they believe it.
Crackpipe continues….

“At this moment and for some time beyond we truly lack the ability to form meaningful beliefs.”

What Crackpipe fails to tell us is why it’s meaningful to believe in things that make no sense and have no evidence and are no different than any other religion that makes no sense and has no evidence.

– If Crackpipe means “beliefs” as “a simple way of thinking” then he fails completely since people don’t need religions, or belief in gods to be good, or to be defined as a moral human being.

> In fact people are better off without religion when it comes to morality and are far superior in the morality department if they aren’t religious.

> Religion itself actually blinds people from being moral and knowing right from wrong.

– If we look at my list you can see what I mean:

There are many points I make but specifically regarding morals let’s talk about 1,2,4 and 8.

– As an Atheist I know what right and wrong actually are far better than any religious person who is doing nothing but following the guidelines of an imaginary telepathic crime boss.

– Even now Crackpipe is attempting to fuel the world’s lack of morality by spreading his faith virus to others.
Crackpipe continues….

“Now, as I wrote in the post where I called bullshit on atheism being just a “lack of belief”, I explained how that definition makes it meaningless – for a rock can be considered an atheist then. Or (God help us) a can of beer!

(Guess that means I drink atheists for dinner!)

Crackpipe is so unfunny and so stupid.

– Does Crackpipe believe in smurfs?

> Does he have reasons to believe that smurfs exist, or don’t exist?

> They’re based on a cartoon.

> They would have been discovered by now,

> They would have all been dead by now.

> Whatever reasons Crackpipe might have.

> So Crackpipe BELIEVES smurfs do not exist because he has reasons, or EVIDENCE.

– Now try the same thing with God….

> Atheists have no evidence, or reasons to believe, or disbelieve in God simply for the reason because there is no evidence of God, nothing.

> Atheists have no belief in God because there is no reason to believe, or disbelieve, there simply is no evidence.

> There is no reason to believe a god exists, but no reason to believe God DOESN’T exist, but it just seems highly unlikely and illogical, but we await evidence that would change our minds.

> So in other words “I have no belief in God”.

> You could say that “I have no belief in God NOT existing” also, but it still wouldn’t be a belief because there still wouldn’t be a reason for that either if there isn’t any evidence either way.

– Now if you wanted to go the other route and say “Atheists believe christianity to not be true and every other religion” well that would be true.

> There are many reasons why Atheists believe christianity and all other religions are not true and are complete lies and delusion.

> Coincidentally though, the same reasons that Crackpipe has for believing all other religions to be false are the same reasons that I have for believing christianity and all the other religions are false.

– The only reasons that Crackpipe BELIEVES in God is because he is brainwashed to believe in christianity and brainwashed to somehow believe that the god of his religion is the omnipotent master of the universe.

> Both are a belief and both are a delusion.

> More specifically is that the “god” of his belief is a delusion.
Crackpipe continues….

“Atheism IS a belief.

Thus, we are not born atheist, theist, agnostic, or anything.

We are born into pure neutrality.”

Crackpipe just gets dumber and dumber with every article and every sentence.


– Crackpipe is defining Atheism like a religion.

– Atheism IS THE NEUTRAL POSITION! Why is this so hard for Crackpipe to realize?

– Let’s give some examples here…..

> Atheism is a religion like bald is a hair color.

> Atheism is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby.

> Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position.

> Atheism is a religion like “off” is a TV channel.

> Atheism is a religion like “barefoot” is a shoe.

> Atheism is a religion like “unemployed” is a career.

> Atheism is a religion like “clear” is a color.

> Atheism is a religion like being sane is a mental illness.

> Atheism is a religion like following the law is a crime.

> Atheism is a religion like “healthy” is a disease.

> Atheism is a religion like invisible is something you see

Crackpipe continues….

“We can’t form any belief. We need evidence based on facts and evidence.

Of course we can form beliefs.

– What is Crackpipe even talking about now?

– He seriously must have written this article just for the reason of wasting my time.

– We form beliefs on what we see as ethical and moral and what right and wrong are.

> What society, or different parts of society and the world believe is ethical, or moral.

> What we ourselves believe we are capable, or incapable of doing when it comes to moral, or ethical boundaries we set in place for ourselves.

– We form all kinds of beliefs in regards to personal views and perspectives.

– HOWEVER, what Crackpipe is confusing “belief” with is the same thing that billions of other people confuse belief with, which is “religion” which is “delusion”.

> Unless Crackpipe gives any credit whatsoever to scientology, hinduism, buddhism, islam, Zeus, Odin, Aztec sun gods, or aboriginal spirits.

> Being brainwashed to a delusional belief takes outside influence.

> Simply living your life and observing the world around you, without being force fed religious delusion and then coming to your own conclusions, isn’t brainwashing, but just “not spreading that particular strain of faith virus to others”.

– We evolve our thinking to adjust to the world around us.

> We do this evolving with, or without religion, but the difference is that without religion we learn to be good people because we want to fit into society better, not simply because we feel we have to because of a delusional sky daddy.
Crackpipe finishes….

“So are we born atheist?


Not only are we born Atheists, but some (in fact most) also born to be victims.

– Victims of parents who want nothing more than to infect their kids with the same mental illness that they are infected with and are oblivious to.

– Crackpipe just wasted his time, my time and everyone else’s time by his statement that “We are not born Atheists”.

Crackpipe truly is a loser.